What are Certified Organic Beauty Products?

We see the words “organic & natural” thrown around a lot these days.
But what does it mean to be truly organic?

The recent interest in natural ingredients in cosmetics has led to an emergence on the market of products that are natural in name only (less than 5% natural ingredient contents).

The makers of products marked with “ECOCERT” seal use natural raw material as plant oils, fats and waxes, herbal extracts and essential oils from certified organic farming with:

  • Minimum 95% of the plant ingredients are certified organic out of the total plant ingredients.
  • Minimum 10% of the plant ingredients are certified organic out of the total ingredients (including water).

Particular attention and inspection are given to:

  1. Plant ingredients concentration and origin.
  2. Animal testing and animal protection.
  3. Mineral ingredients.
  4. Unacceptable and restricted ingredients.
  5. Unacceptable production methods.
  6. Preservatives.
  7. Genetic engineering (GMO).
  8. Irradiation.
  9. Ecological Impact.
  10. Social awareness.

The No No List

  • No petrol-chemical and mineral oil.
  • No synthetic fragrances and dyes.
  • No silicones and propylene glycol.
  • No parabens and GMOs.
  • No animal ingredients and no animal testing.

Why Choose Organic Certifed Products?

  1. Certified quality and purity of ingredients by an independent organization dedicated to the interests of the consumer.
  2. Certified vitality of plant extracts ensuring safety, cleanliness, and potency.
  3. Ecological friendliness that contributes to a sustainable agriculture.
  4. Certified means authenticity and integrity of claims being organic and natural.
  5. No use of man-made toxic chemicals as in conventional agriculture.

Only internationally recognized third-party certification can verify that a product is organic – all other claims cannot be verified.