About Us

Taken from “Tupi-guarani”, a South American indigenous language, IKOVE means “growing”; to keep alive, which is a perfect match for our company mission & commitments.

We believe that creating opportunities for local communities of the Amazonian region is a way to preserve natural resources, to keep the rain forests alive and to protect the Earth.

Our belief is that nature can provide all that humans need. Nature knows what works. What lasts and what survives. We just need to observe and learn. We are inspired by nature, by its power and balance, in every step of our product development.

We have searched the bio diversity of the Brazilian rain forest and studied indigenous Amazonian therapeutics in our quest to create the finest and most healthful natural alternatives to harsh, chemically derived personal care products. IKOVE pure skin & hair care line is certified organic by ECOCERTIBD/IFOAMand USDA Organic.